LiveWire is not just based around hire of equipment, we base our whole business model around helping with all forms of performance and presentation, at all levels.

A fashion show is a perfect example where a little theatrical know-how can help turn the event into one to remember creating exactly the right impression on your customers and showing your business off to its best.


Providing full technical packages for your show is what we specialise in. Right the way from design to installation, you're onboard through the whole proccess. 

Transforming your school hall to a theatre can seem daunting, but something we've mastered. We've got all of the technical equipment to take your school productions to the next level. From speakers, radio microphones, stage lighting, special effects and staging.

We also take huge pride in teaching your students how to use the equipment we've setup. Equipment hire is just a small part of what we do, educating staff and students on how the equipment works is a huge and important part of what we provide. We love to see students hands on, learning, and running shows on there own. 

We put it in some of the best industry standard equipment, so it really is just like walking into a local theatre.


We frequently work with Clients to co-ordinate their technical needs in any venue, and take pride in going the extra mile to make any event run perfectly. 

We recently sent one of our technicians, James, to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with Eagle House school. Responsible for working with the venue crew, James took the school's ideas and requirements and made them work in the space. This left the school to focus on the show, as he co-ordinated the rigging, programming, and operation for them.